Friday, November 25, 2011

Vacation...Valium without all the side effects (Part 1)

Actually now that I read the side effects, there may be a bit of overlap: changes in appetite, restlessness or excitement, changes in sex drive (hello hotel room sex), shuffling walk (you'd be shuffling too after a day of walking around D.C. for 8 hours too, so don't judge), and drowsiness or tiredness to name a few. But on vacation you get an excuse to take a ton more pictures! And since you all didn't get to experience the joy that is vacationing with me (poor Jay is still recovering), here are some of the best pictures from our adventures in Columbus, OH and Washington, D.C.

Me and Jack Hanna (sort of)
Isn't he sexy?
Jay is so small compared to a Polar Bear!
Me "in a cage" or just looking out at Jay from the other viewing area for the Chimps.
Next is a very serious series of photos called animal butts. Don't ask me, ask Jay...
Merry Madagascar in ICE! at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center:
Aren't we so sexy in our huge blue coats?

The nativity scene was at the end of the ICE
I will add more photos in the next post talking about our exploration of Washington D.C and the Capitals game!

P.S. I give up on getting these pictures to display in a pleasing manner. I don't know how to get them to show up where I want them. Sorry!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What I do alone in my hotel room

One of the many perks to my oh so glamorous job is that I spend way more time alone in a hotel room that any sane person can really take. In order to keep my insanity levels at bay I explore the internet. Some nights I find hilarious blogs, or great informational news articles.

Tonight was not one of those nights.

Here are a few of my many exciting, creative accomplishments of the night:

Its a BOY!

Thats right I took an online pregnancy test and guess what they told me:

Pregnancy detected!

Baby McCann's first public appearance!

Congratulations, Delina! You're "with child". Our remote testing system has detected that you're pregnant. The Miracle Of Life has begun!

Thats right people, here is when you really start doubting you can trust everything you find on the internet...Hmm, I wonder if I am far enough along to determine the baby's sex?

It's a Boy!

Baby Boy McCann
Delina, you're going to be the proud parent of a baby boy, and just look- isn't he just so damn cute! Based on our remote test results, your beautiful baby boy will weigh about 14 lbs, 13 oz and have brown hair and hazel eyes. Truly a Wonder To Behold!

Would you like to know who the lucky father is? Our Genetic Validator module has processed that data and determined who the father must be...

Oh My God! I am so on the edge of my seat (well bed actually), who got me knocked up?! I need to find him and punch him in the face for making me give birth to a turkey sized baby. It can't be my boyfriend we both have blue eyes... 

Bill Clinton

My baby daddy
Like thousands of other women of breeding age, you did the Horizontal Bop with Bill. Looks like he really 'felt your pain', along with a few other things.

Hmm...I guess it could be worse, he can at least afford to pay for the reconstructive surgery I'm going to be needing down south from pushing out his bowling ball of a son.

I know after the excitement of my pregnancy, labor, and the shocking Maury like paternity revelation nothing else seems quite as great, but that only took about 2 minutes of my night, so.....

Here are some of my recent works of art:

Work of Art 1

Work of Art 2
As you can probably tell I am really committed to creating a successful wall paper design business. Don't tell me you don't want these on your bathroom walls. And I am totally willing to let you submit designs you've created here to my business where I will then take credit for them and rake in the money.

I also drew this pig.

That weird squiggle behind the pig is supposed to be a trough. In case you didn't get that.
Supposedly my artistic ability with a laptop mouse pad says a lot about my personality. According to the expert opinion of the people at I am positive and optimistic, direct, enjoy playing devil's advocate and neither fear nor avoid discussions, emotional and naive, care little for details and am a risk-taker. I am also secure, stubborn, and stick to my ideals, am an okay listener, and have a not so good sex life (apparently if I had a good sex life I would have drawn a much bigger tail).
 And last but not least I wrote an awesome letter to you my dear reader. And trust me it is amazing! I mean I wrote it in back hair. But since it is flash and I'm not all that smart at adding things beyond links and pictures to this blog you must click HERE.

Yeah that's right I wrote "I'm I pirate bitches" in pirate speak on a hairy mans back. Write me a note back if you dare! But remember, I'm a pirate bitches!!!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I really shouldn't have to tell you this but apparently I do

1. If I can smell your perfume from a block away you probably are wearing too much.

2. Don't eat ethnic food on an airplane. No one wants to be stuck in a tiny plane for hours smelling your chinese leftovers.

3. The left laine is for fast drivers, not drivers who feel like they are pushing the limit when they go 5 under. Seriously drivers of the midwest get in the right lane (and I am not just speaking directionally here).

4. Posting passive agressive statuses on Facebook when you are mad at someone is not going to solve anything. Stop telling everyone but the person who upset you that your mad and go talk to them. Maybe then you won't have as many issues you feel the need to tell all of us about in the future.

5. Texting shorthands are not real words. It takes longer to say LOL than it does to laugh, and you won't sound like a preteen.

6. Public bathroom stalls are not the appropriate place to hold a phone conversation. You do know that when a person flushes it shoots little tiny particals of pee and poo into the air probably getting it all over your phone right? And you are holding that phone really close to your mouth.... (Plus its just weird I can't imagine the person on the other end wants to hear that.)

7. No my dog isn't mean, but if you ride your bike full speed up on his ass he will probably growl at you.

8. No one really wants to hear about your baby's bowel movements. Unless of course it involves them shooting you in the face with pee or something similarly hilarious.

9. Starting to cluster up around the gate before the gate attendant even says that boarding is starting does not get you on the airplane faster. It just makes it a pain in the butt for anyone who is trying to get to the next gate down and anyone who is called to board before you.

10. Leaning your seat back on an airplane is the fastest way to ensure someone is plotting to kill you. And while my plots never pan out I will try my best to jab my knee into your back through the chair.

What about you my dear readership (of about 2), do you have anything to add to the list?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

High School Health Class Scarred Me for Life

And no not in the way that you're probably thinking. I actually managed to be sick the day they showed "The Miracle of Life". So my issues with pregnancy, labor, and babies are all of my own making. However, I was there the day that my teacher told us to see if we could make our thumb and pointer finger touch when we wrapped them around our wrist bone. (Kind of like the whole seeing if your hands can reach when you hug someone but with your wrist...) This seems innocent enough but trust me it so isn't. Apparently healthy non-fat people were supposed to be able to have their fingers not only touch but overlap a bit. I however could not even get mine to touch.

Ever since this day I have lived in constant fear of the frist. You know what I am talking about, the wrist version of a cankle. Its completely irrational because even now when I weight 10lbs more than I weighed then I know I am not at risk for either. Despite this I still find myself subconsiously grabbing my wrist just to check that my fingers still touch. (Yes I can touch now, though still no overlap. Somehow while gaining 10 lbs my wrists got skinnier? Or maybe my fingers got longer?) I just realized this today when I was sitting at my desk and had for the 5th time checked to make sure my fingers were actually touching. They weren't yesterday. Maybe I ate too much salt that day?

Thank you 10th grade health class.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Catching Up

Today I am sitting alone, sick, in a hotel room. To make myself feel less bored and lonely I was catching up on all the blogs I love to read and realized its been FOREVER since I last wrote. Okay so it hasn't been forever, but it has been five months. Its amazing how much has changed in that short of a time though.

First off I am no longer working up in Tahoe at the hospital. I quit that job to be a Medical IT consultant. I work Monday through Thursday onsite with my client and then get to spend the rest of the week with my wonderful boyfriend and puppies. I admit I was pretty nervous about all the travelling but its actually been really great.

Next big change is that my little sister is now married. On June 11th she was married to a wonderful man, Aman Makaju, and we are so happy for both of them. It is wonderful seeing them together. You can just tell they are both so happy to be with each other. Now they just need to start making me little nieces and nephews...And yes pictures of that will be coming soon!

Finally we are moving! Yep thats right we will be officially living in Pittsburgh PA as of July 3. It took a lot of work to find a landlord that would rent us their house with our two adorable puppies but we finally found one and I am so excited to move in. I've realized I'm way more domestic than I thought when the pictures of the kitchen is what completely sold me on the house. Next thing you know I'll be picking out cars based on their cupholders...(lets hope that never actually happens).

Otherwise life has been pretty normal. Maybe someday it will be exciting enough for me to post more than twice a year :)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Snow Day Fun!

Yep thats right, even grown-ups get snow days in the mountains. At least you do when they close the roads so you can't actually drive in to work. I have to say that is one of the incredibly nice things about working for an IT department. We have the ability to work from any computer, so instead of dealing with the white out conditions, I could monitor my e-mail from my phone and spend most of the day having fun. And oh what fun we had.

Early this morning Jay and I took Jaxson and Atlas out to the park across the street so that they could play in the snow. Its so funny how much our dogs love to run around in the stuff. Here are some pictures from our fun at the park 

Jay thought standing under the tree
would protect him from the snow....
...but it didn't protect him from this
snowball I hit him with...
it stuck to his back :)
Isn't the park all covered in snow pretty!

Jaxson and Atlas ruined the pristine
snow look pretty quickly.
Atlas' first snow day ever!

My sad little snowman...I know its hard to see but he is there!
After fun time at the park, the puppies and I group cuddled and relaxed with some Madagascar. We definitely looked like a little pack laying all together on my bed. Though that may not be a good thing when Jay and I actually decide to spring for a bed that is more than a futon mattress on the floor.

Jay and I also finished our Thanksgiving day preperations today with some shopping for the last few ingrediants on our list, and then a trip to Scheels to pick up my race day packet for the 10K Turkey Trot I'm running Thanksgiving morning. Neither of us had ever been to Scheels and the only thing I knew about it was it was a giant sporting goods store. Well guess is a sporting good store that sells some kickin' homemade fudge. How awesome is that?! It also has cool displays of outdoorsy stuff all over the place. Here are some pictures Jay and I thought were cool:

Of course the day had some hiccups. We got home from the store and realized that a pipe under our sink was leaking grossness all over the place. But luckily I have an awesome boyfriend who cleaned everything up for me. All I had to do was rinse out rags in the bathtub and start the wash when it was all over. Who can complain about that?

All in all it was an awesome day. And now I am going to go curl up with a good book and my boys on the couch! Happy snow day all!! 

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Joining the Unperfects

My friend Sarah, recently posted about celebrating the unperfectness of our lives, and I thought it was a great idea. I know my posts have been negative recently and this one doesn't seem like it would be adding any happiness, but actually I think the unperfect parts of life are the most interesting and fun. And though they provide stress, I am happy that my life isn't just a fairytale ending. I like the blood sweat and tears that make up my life.

So here it goes 10 things that make me so far from perfect:

1) I hate taking my dog on walks. I know that sounds terrible, but its true. He doesn't walk easily, and its so boring to just walk around the neighborhood. Of course if I had trained him better when he was a puppy I'm sure he would walk like a pro, but I didn't. And so instead he is constantly pulling, rips my arm out of my socket if he sees another dog before I have a chance to brace myself, and sometimes thinks its a great idea to try and take the leash away from me.

2) I have only run 7 times since I finished my marathon in July. Thats right, I trained for 6 months, and now have lost a huge amount of the gains I made because I've had no drive to run. When people at work ask me, I try and make it sound like I've been keeping up the running, but I haven't. Just last Sunday was my first run since the marathon that was longer than 3 miles.

3) I am way in debt. Be it student loans, loans from my parents, a car loan, or credit card, its going to take me 2 years of severe austerity just to get myself down to only having my student loans. And thats only if I am super good about sticking to my budget. Which means no fun trips, no skiing, no nothing. I don't know if I am going to be able to do it, but I really want to.

4) I'm jealous of married couples. I know I say I don't care and don't want to rush into marriage. But sometimes thats complete bull.

5) I burn food more often than I don't.

6) I spend most weekends in my pjs. Sometimes I get the energy up to actually make myself presentable, but it just seems like such a waste of time. I never go anywhere besides the store it seems and who cares if I am in sweats at the store?

7) I've wanted to write a book since 7th grade, and so far have only made it through the first page of about 3 different attempts. I just have no imagination it would appear.

8) I don't care about watching basketball. Sure I talk a big game about how basketball is the best sport in the world, but I honestly don't really watch until March Madness usually. Jay who thinks basketball is one of the worst sports watches more of it than I do.

9) Since I was 6 weeks old, I've never been outside of the United States. I've always wanted to travel to Europe, Asia, really everywhere but I never follow through on my dreams. I don't have the willpower to actually commit and save for anything.

10) Even though I know how to eat healthy, given the choice of a cheeseburger or a salad, I'd probably pick the cheeseburger 95% of the time. And of course the next day I feel fat and gross, but it doesn't matter the next time I'm given the choice I would still pick the cheeseburger.

There you go. I am sooo far from perfect. But the funny thing is, I actually had to think hard to come up with 10 things that aren't perfect in my life. Despite all of these things, I have a really great life. And it feels good to look my baggage in the face and say, you will not drag me down. Despite you I am happy!